Sonny G.


Stats: 5’10” 157lbs

Eyes/Hair: Brown/Dark Brown

Measurements: Hip 37 1/2, Waist 32/30, Shirt 15 1/2, Neck 16 1/2, Shoulder 18in, Chest 38, Sleeve 25 1/2

Locations: USA - Willing to Travel


SAG-AFTRA UNION Actor, World Class Touring Impersonator & Dancer - Mexican, Russian, Eastern European Accents; Teleprompter, Hosting - Law/Criminal Justice Education


"Show You The Way" Music Video (National) - Principal - Mint Audio Productions 


"5 Minutes to Showtime" (National) - Principal - American Music Icons, LLC./ L.M.A. 


"Funkiphino” Music Video (National) - Principal - Listen Productions/Frame Linear

Theater/Stage Productions

2010 - present

AMERICAN MUSIC ICONS - Principal - American Music Icons, LLC


FOREVER DANGEROUS - Michael Jackson - Hi-Phi Entertainment


Pet Armor Brand Dog Products (National) - Principal - Trybe Productions/Shaina Fishman


OLD SPICE Foaming Whip (National) - Principal - Procter & Gamble/ Integer Group


SKOAL Smokeless Tobacco (National) - Principal - Phillip Morris USA/ Jim Krantz


Travel Channel Commercial (National) - Principal - Travelocity/ Travel Channel

CoorsTek Ballistic Protection (National) -Principal - Coorstek/ John Pauly


Girls Scouts of America -  (National) - Principal - Kellogs/Debra Lair


CCS LOOP Commercial (National) - Principal - Tamara Jones/Eric Mann


Cheverolet Ad Campaign (National) - Cheverlot 


Javita Coffee MLM Brand (National) - Principal - Javita, Inc.


Cabela’s Holiday Spokesperson (National) - Principal - Cabela’s/Jack Borcherding


Connect for Health Colorado (Regional) - Principal - PILGRIM Advertising


Elvis on Encore Elvis Presley (National) - Principal - STARZ/Encore Entertainment


Pikes Peak Community College (Regional) - Principal - Post Interactive, Inc.


Beforeplay ‘Pregnancy’ PSA (Regional) - Principal - Vermilion Design & Interactive


U.S. Army (National) - Principal - Phil Joanou/MJZ Productions


Becker Appliance (Regional) - Principal - John Allen/DKlein Productions


Metro Beat T.V. Denver (Regional) - Principal - Comcast Cable/Metro Beat T.V. (National) - Principal - Vehix/Morey Evans Advertising


Furniture Row (Regional) - Extra - Furniture Row Productions


United Way (Regional) - Extra - Walk the Line Films


Colorado Tourism (National) - Extra - Colorado Tourism Corp.


Furniture Row (Regional) - Extra - Incite Films/Furniture Row


Dish Network (National) - Extra - Ten 22 Films             

2010 - present


American Medical Services Work Safety (National) - Principal - AMS/Children's Hospital CO

U.S. Navy Budget Consulting Training (National) - Principal - Tipping Point Solutions


U.S. Air Force Concussion Training (National) - Principal - Tipping Point Solutions 


U.S. Army Negotiation Training (National) - Principal - Tipping Point Solutions


Kroger Training Video (National) - Principal - Kim Gaffrey/King Soopers     


Quizno Sub’s Training Video (National) - Principal - Blue Chip Films/Tracy Locke 


King Soopers/City Market (Regional) - Principal - Kim Gaffrey/City Market

Training & Workshops

John Crockett (Denver) - Front Range Acting


Brian McCulley (Denver) - Front Range Acting


Jo Edna Boldin (New Mexico) - Jo Edna Boldin CSA


Marie McMaster (New Mexico) - Marie McMaster CSA

Kathryn Brink (New Mexico) - Kathryn Brink Casting CSA

Amber Horn (Los Angeles) - Amber Horn Casting Connection


Jane Jenkins (Los Angeles) - The Casting Company CSA


Krista Gano (Denver) - The Working Artist Group


Peter DeAnello (Denver) - Big Fish Talent


Mark Grove (Stunts, On-Camera Combat) (Denver) - Asgard Entertainment

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